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The high-voltage grid within the concession area corresponding to the city of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires operates as a transmission and subtransmission network designed for energy distribution at voltage levels ranging from 220 to 27.5 kV. This network comprises a set of transformation substations, as well as lines and cables that mobilize large amounts of energy from production sources to points where the voltage is reduced to medium levels.

Energy production sources consist of generation plants within the concession area and are supplemented by contributions from the Argentine Interconnection System through connections to the transmission network.

At the points where the voltage is reduced to medium levels, there lies the boundary with the distribution network, which consists of a set of lines, cables, and medium-to-low voltage chambers designed to distribute energy for supply to users.

The design characteristics of the transmission and subtransmission network impose technical and economic constraints on its operation, necessitating centralized supervision, control of its functioning, and coordination of its maintenance to achieve optimal service quality.

This centralization enables the application of operation criteria compatible with safety, continuity, quality, and economy goals, with SACME being ultimately responsible for this management.


  • Coordinate, supervise, and control the operation of the generation, transmission, and subtransmission system of CABA (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires) and Greater Buenos Aires and their interconnections with the Argentine Interconnection System (SADI).
  • Conduct engineering studies to establish the best technical operating conditions for the network.
  • Carry out the development, maintenance, programming of modifications, and/or expansions required by the EMS and its applications.
  • Gather, analyze, and manage all technical statistical information regarding electric power generation, transmission, subtransmission, and connections with the Wholesale Electricity Market (MEM).
  • Represent EDESUR and EDENOR before the Dispatch Authority (Cammesa).


The SACME building dates back to the late 1978s and covers a total floor area of 4,100 m2. It is of modern design and was specifically constructed to support the functions of a Control Center.

Within this building, an EMS (Energy Management System) is installed, used for real-time operation of the electrical grid. It acquires data from 92 substations, collecting analog and status values from approximately 32,000 points.

This System communicates with Cammesa and the generation plants in the concession area through data links, equipped with real-time electrical management software and a subsystem for collecting and querying historical data.

Company Structure

Within SACME, all necessary functions for the operational management of the electrical grid are carried out, along with auxiliary tasks for maintaining available infrastructure. These include:

Operational Management

Tasks are conducted for different states of the Electrical System (normal-abnormal-emergency-restoration) aimed at regulating electrical variables within acceptable margins. They also coordinate preventive and corrective maintenance of the transmission-subtransmission network and connections with SADI. These tasks follow a set of standards for relations with other involved external and internal areas. A team of professionals and technicians carries out these tasks, with operators available 24 hours a day organized in rotating shifts.

Engineering and Statistical Studies

This involves all planning tasks to ensure the reliability of operational management. A group of specialized professionals in the exploitation of electrical systems conducts all network studies and necessary relations for the operation and maintenance of that system. Their main objectives include defining network operation alternatives, generating management control indices, and framing all activities related to the operation of the transmission and subtransmission network within a framework of safety, continuity, service quality, and economy. It also includes functions to collect, analyze, calculate, process, and project all technical statistical information related to electric power generation, transmission, subtransmission, and connections with other companies.

EMS Support

A team of trained professionals and technicians is responsible for carrying out preventive and corrective maintenance of the equipment comprising the EMS to ensure its availability, operational continuity, and optimal efficiency. Additionally, they are responsible for developing and implementing new software applications and systems to meet the functional requirements of internal and external users, optimizing processes and contributing to achieving their operational goals.

Administrative Support and Facility Maintenance

Their function is to carry out all administrative tasks corresponding to the various areas of SACME. Additionally, they are responsible for minor preventive and corrective maintenance of the building and auxiliary installations, as well as computers and their associated systems.